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Storytelling + message strategy for founders  + small business owners who have been called to do phenomenally good things

Storytelling + message strategy for founders + small business owners who have been called to do  phenomenally good things

And there's nothing cliche or worn out about that idea. 

We're creatures of purpose who were made for meaning.

And this journey you're on -- the one with hard questions like, "What am I doing with this calling I've been given?" or "What on earth is this business we're running all about, anyways?" signals something incredible. . . 


You believe in the idea that this earth is just a stopping point, a strange detour to our final destination, and you know that while you're here, you want to wring out every last drop of impact and purpose.

So whether you're a founder who wants to magnify that good, or a super smart business owner who wants to reach more people, if the story you've been telling yourself is no longer the story that's serving your dreams and your goals, let's talk. 

You want to make an impact in the world

You're in the right place if. . . 


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Erik jensen, chief strategy officer, predictive roi

“We wanted someone who would look at us from the outside and say, ”This is what the world sees, and I can help you change it so the world can see you as you intend. Lindsay does exactly that, and she does it well.”
How Lindsay Hotmire helped Predictive ROI pivot their brand and reach $1.2M in annual revenue  
No matter how we work together, here's how you'll grow or pivot with  clarity, confidence, and smart strategy  



  • Brand Story Guide: A complete roadmap that shows you how to show and tell the most foundational pieces of your brand story (including your purpose, your promise, your values, your brand voice + tone, your key storylines, and a few other nuggets and gems created just by Storyhouse Fifteen)
  • Perfect Audience Roadmap: Exact words, phrases, pain points, and dream states of your audience, captured in one solid document for your team and outside contractors to be crystal clear on the exact audience you're trying to reach 
  •  Tell-All Competitor Report: A deep dive on 3 of your top competitors' stories so we can spot the gaps in their messaging and show you exactly where to stand out 
  • Website Copy: 3+ pages of website copy for the most visited pages of your site: home, about, + your key services page
  • Website Design: If you need introduced to a web designer, I'll introduce you to my amazing web design partners(so there's zero need to second guess on how to get rolling once your story is ready to go). 

What are the deliverables? 

  • First, it doesn't take 9 - 12 months to get clarity on your brand story. Instead, we'll spend a minimum of 6 weeks together (maybe 8 - 12 if your project and team are bigger). Using deep, highly intentional process, we'll work side-by-side and one-on-one to eliminate any roadblocks that have been standing between you and the clarity you need to share your brand story with unabashed confidence.
  • We'll tap into the Storyhouse Fifteen story toolbox -- using tools like worldview, the Johari Window, The Two Story Framework, the Authenticity Flywheel, and lots more  -- so whether you're sharing your story for an internal audience or need a stronger brand story to reach a large crowd, you'll uncover a story that keeps you aligned, authentic, and impactful every single time. 
  • Qualitative Interviews: A minimum of 5 - 7 one-on-one interviews with the biggest voices in your story to help you better understand all the hows, whats, and whys of your audience 


What's the process? 



PRICING Starts at $7,500

PRICING Starts at $7,500

Here's what others have to say about working with me

Stephen Woessner, CEO, Predictive ROI 

"Lindsay's process let us get into the minds of our prospective clients. . . If you're thinking about working alongside Lindsay, you should absolutely, without-a-doubt do it. "

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Ready to stand out with a message that's  aligned, heart-centered, and 100% you?  

let's chat 

Just need someone to help you get out of your own way? 

If you’re not sure you're ready for a one-on-one story intensive, book a complimentary story-shifting 50-minute What's Next Call. We'll get really candid about where you're at, where you want to be, and what's standing in your way. We'll map out a few strategic ways to gain traction in your pivot and talk about how we might work together to make it all happen.