"Lindsay has a gift at seeing your business with the eyes of one who genuinely cares about YOUR business. That is WHY she is the best person to write your story. She gets you. She will listen. She will learn. She will share your message."


"Lindsay has a gift at seeing your business with the eyes of one who genuinely cares about YOUR business. That is WHY she is the best person to write your story. She gets you. She will listen. She will learn. She will share your message."

Real people. Real words. 

I was struggling to make sense of my thoughts and how to articulate my story. Everything felt super jumbled, and I couldn't figure out what I really wanted to say.

Lindsay is the absolute best listener. She has a unique ability to really get beneath the surface and cut straight to the heart of the message.

Lindsay is so approachable, open, and with you in this process. She has an amazing ability to truly hear what you're trying to say, pull seemingly disparate pieces together, and help you form a cohesive, beautiful story.

- Jess Sato, Jess Sato Consulting (Power Hour) 

You are such a light! I admire how you're able to hold the tension between being both a calm and grounding presence and a challenging and courageous coach. I just love you!

If you’re thinking about working with Lindsay, just do it! And be prepared to cry... in the best kind of way.

Before working with Lindsay, I felt like I was at a tipping point. I had spent the past few years honing my craft and growing my business while I was navigating a lot of personal ups and downs. I had been working (and maybe even hiding) in the background. No marketing. Not even a fully functional website. For a while that low profile worked for me. But now I'm ready to use my voice more... build more authority... own my expertise. However, I was having a hard time aligning my work with what truly moves me as a human being. Spotting the connections and themes like I do for my own clients.

Working with Lindsay, I felt energized, grounded, and seen. It gave me clarity on how the aspects of my work + passions can align together beautifully. . . plus the inspiration I needed to finally get my damn website done. :)

- Andrea Littell, Andrea Littell Consulting (Brand Story Intensive)

Lindsay is the absolute best! She has the unique ability to simplify the complex.

When I have worked with others in the past trying to write website content, I felt like we got off track of our messaging as we tried to reduce the word count and streamline the message.

With Lindsay, the message became more powerful, my story more applicable and alive, and our services spot on and understandable. Lindsay's process was the key to our success and we truly had a lot of fun together!

- Ed Molitor, The Molitor Group (Brand Story Intensive)

Before we started working together, I felt a bit all over! I started realizing it was time for me to make a shift -- my energy and focus were moving more towards working solely with attorneys. As this became my focus, I found myself developing future programs in my mind, reading books and the wheels were churning. I was struggling with trusting my gut and energy. I was worried about creating a niche that was too narrow. I had a thriving practice that was only expanding and was wondering how it would be to start building a new business while I already had one that was growing. Wondering if I was on the right path and if I could make my passion a "job," and feeling like I needed to organize my thoughts and ideas, led me to Lindsay.

Lindsay listened. 

No one else understood what I was trying to accomplish and where I wanted to go. She heard me and opened my eyes to blind spots and ways I wasn't owning my space and accomplishments. 

I had lost track of the forward steps I had made and when she reminded me that I was currently where I was supposed to be in this process, I felt relief and a newfound energy to push on. If you've got the ideas and don't feel like you're showing up the way you'd like to be, she will help you realize the steps so that you are able to. Lindsay listens, is patient, objective, thinks through all the layers and above all, motivates you along the way because she gets it! Hire her-don't look back. She is well worth the investment and more. You will be grateful you took the leap to let her listen, guide and ultimately, build a lasting, trusting relationship that will help you grow for years to come!

- Rachel Fry, Legal Wellness Consultant (Brand Story Intensive)


I read through each piece and am experiencing of myriad of emotions, Lindsay. Everything from...holy bananas...she really gets us...to...this is off the charts amazing how she was able to pull these insights and experience out of the conversations she had and create two brilliant case studies...to...wowza...that's a frickin' awesome home page.

You asked us great questions, you heard us, you asked our clients great questions, and you heard them...and then...you took this enormous amount of data points and ran it through your super smarts and wrote content we could never have done. You made us real, tangible, guys who just want to help. Absolutely amazing. You orbit a distant moon of awesome! You're the best storyteller someone could hire for their project. No one else will make them feel the way you do - or - deliver what you will deliver.

- Stephen Woessner, Predictive ROI (Brand Story Intensive)

I started working with Lindsay because I'm not confident in my writing abilities, nor am I an expert in web copy, so I felt stuck not knowing what needed to be communicated to potential clients. I wanted an expert in the field to help me create a website that would attract my ideal customer. I know and trust Lindsay and her work, so it was a no-brainer to ask her for help. I knew she could provide what I was looking for and could help me get unstuck.

There's no one else I'd rather work with! Lindsay is organized and her process is easy to follow. She pushed me when I needed to be pushed. She excels at listening and asking the right questions to get to the heart of the matter. She takes the garbled mess of what I am trying to communicate and makes it beautiful and inviting. I LOVE LINDSAY!

Working with Lindsay is well worth the investment. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else! I was able to get my signature offer up on my website before my first paid gig at a national conference! I feel confident in what I have to offer, relieved to have this crossed off my to-do-list, inspired to move forward, and grateful to have Lindsay in my corner

- Julie Short, Awake Enneagram (Story Coaching)

Before working with Lindsay, we were anxious and overwhelmed. We had too much information and not a clear path or methodology to identify our true brand message in a clear and concise way. After Lindsay, we felt amazing! relieved! and excited! 

We were heard. Understood. Our questions were answered about how to move forward and what areas to focus on, again, clearly and concisely.

Lindsay is a great listener, easy to work with, intelligent, and intuitive. You pay attention to the details and work to deliver a great product that really speaks to your client.

If you’re thinking about working with Lindsay, do it. Lindsay stands out from the rest and won't give a cookie-cutter solution. She will create work that's unique to you.

- Lauren Majors, Sonder Health (Brand Story Intensive)

I knew that my message was not as strong or clear as it could be. I wanted to set us apart from the rest of the medspa industry, so much so, that I cringed at calling us a medspa.

Lindsay, you are amazing at listening and reading between the lines to pull the true story about WHY our business matters to our community, our clients. You wrote the message our hearts needed to share.

Lindsay has a gift at seeing your business with the eyes of one who genuinely cares about YOUR business. That is WHY she is the best person to write your story. She gets you. She will listen. She will learn. She will share your message.

- Suzi Sands, Aviva Woman (Brand Story Intensive)

I knew I had something worth sharing with clients but could not formulate it into concise words, patterns, shapes or anything else. I wanted to be able to articulate clearly to clients.

Business conversations are easier to have now that I can communicate my story and how I best serve others. When you work with Lindsay, pure awesomeness is what you can expect.

For me what that meant is clarity around what I do. I had too many ways to serve clients and needed to gain clarity around how I can best serve clients instead of saying yes to everyone and everything. The Power Hour gave me a high level road map of where to go and how I can get there. I would need to fill in the details; but even then, my experience had some of the details for me to focus on. It's not boiler plate work, it's more customized for you. She listens and is able to hear what I was really saying. 

- Jason Rhoads, MicroShift Consulting (Power Hour + Story Coaching)

Any time I talk about you, I can't help but say, "You've got to know Lindsay **fing Hotmire. There is no one like her." 

I knew you were special before we started working together, but the work you did for me was magic to the core of my soul. You saw me and heard me, and you showed me how to be unapologetic about the gifts I bring to the table. 

I wasn't sure if I could make this business work, but you showed me how to show up with my voice, and you gave me an energy and a confidence that I needed in order to own my worth and grow my business. 

- Allison Robbins, Aspect 6 Creative (Brand Story Intensive)

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