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You’ve felt the burn of your heart pounding in your chest, racing to marathon-level speeds as you wonder if you’re going to be able to show up with the right words to convince the right client to buy the right package so you can build the right business.  You’ve gone through all the story-finding bootcamps, […]

Here’s why your sales copy keeps missing the mark

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Long before I was born, author Earnest Hemingway coined a philosophy on writing called The Iceberg Theory.  The idea behind his theory is that as a writer, you should know so much about your idea that you’ll actually need to use FEWER words to engage the reader.  He explains it here:  “If a writer of […]

Why your brand story needs a worldview (and how to find it)

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He lays his head on the pillow beside me and I make a silent mental note: Keep an early bedtime if you want to reserve an hour of magical conversation with your kids.  I throw my book on the floor and stare at him as he screams back at the invisible Frank Sinatra who sings […]

A journal entry on how story starts and ends

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One of the most powerful aspects of story lies in its ability to turn a ME into a WE.  As business owners and brand leaders, this is perhaps one of the greatest powers we seek to wield.  We want to tell story in order to convince others to join our side.  We want them to […]

Why every business needs a WE story

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