One year and two seasons into podcasting, I want to use this final episode of Season 2 to peel back a few curtains in the world of stories and business.

If you’ve got a LinkedIn feed or a TikTok reel or even a Substack account, then it’s hard to miss the blinking red light that indicates the importance for telling stories.

I’ve talked about this before – but it warrants a repeat: When we look at stories through the platform of the bandwagon, then it’s easy to believe that story is the magic bean that we need to plant into the ground if we want it to grow into a beanstalk.

What we forget, however, is that the beanstalk – even if it grows – is going to lead us to some treacherous journeys. We’ve got to fight the giant if we want to claim the treasure.

Storytelling isn’t always easy OR natural, and it gets even harder when you tune into and believe these 3 storytelling truths.

Catch this final episode of Season 2 to hear the 3 storytelling truths that you need to forget.


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