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How do you tell a great brand story? Step one: Start looking deeper than the formulas and frameworks. 

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LISTEN IN ON APPLE | SPOTIFY | AMAZON MUSIC Either/or is a choice for a narrow range of categories, and the rest of life generally fits into the wild, tangly box of both/and. You can chase your theater dreams AND be a story coach. You can keep your foot in the corporate world AND build your consulting business. You can […]

Episode 20: Reach more people with tiny stories (solocast with Lindsay Hotmire)

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EPISODE SUMMARY: Lisa is an advisor, consultant, and speaker who works with senior executives and sales teams around the world. She is the author of five bestselling books including Selling with Noble Purpose. She writes for Harvard Business Review and she has inspired millions of learners on LinkedIn Learning with courses on sales, leadership, and […]

Episode 15: Tackling the myths we tell ourselves about purpose, finding the “right job,” and meaning at work (with Lisa McLeod)

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When a story changes the way you think, the way you move through the world, and the way you see yourself and others, that’s when it takes on the role of something bigger.  It’s no longer just plot and theme and character.  It’s more than the formulaic circle of the hero’s journey.  It becomes alive […]

Become a better leader (and build a stronger brand) with incarnational storytelling

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