Episode 18: Turning customer insights into stories that grow companies (with Eric White)


Eric White is the co founder of Ponder, a customer insight studio that delivers insight experiences to help growth stage companies increase win rates and explore new segments. Eric will tell you that one of his biggest beefs with data is that most market research companies just email you reports and give presentations and you’re left thinking, “wow, that was really cool and that was really interesting, but what the heck do I do now?”

At Ponder, Eric and his, his teammates produce immersive experiences to help your team immerse into customer needs and allow you to take actual action so that you can achieve your growth objectives. 

What does all that really mean? It means that Eric is an incredible observer. Actually he’s a Jedi level listener and I know this because I’ve seen him at ground level in the work. He asks the types of questions that pull golden insights out of your audiences so that you can grow intelligently and confidently. 

In this episode, you’re going to hear us talk about how small business owners can gather data without feeling overloaded on time or money. We dig into things like why is empathy not always a good thing? And we talk about what does it mean for research and insights to truly be actionable. 

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