When writer Nick Asbury argued that your WHY is a waste of space, I got intrigued. Here’s why I think he’s right, and where I think he’s maybe gone too far.


Overview:  Purpose belongs to every brand, and it’s the responsibility of every brand to know its purpose – because brands are scaffolded by human beings, and one of the greatest longings of nearly any human being is to understand why we were put here on this earth. 

When you’re a brand leader, you’ve got to know why your company exists, and in today’s epidemic of loneliness and extreme search for meaning – existing just to make $$ isn’t going to cut it for most of your employees. They want to belong to something bigger, and they want to join forces with others who share their values and their ideas of a better world. . . 

In business, purpose and values aren’t a waste of space, as Nick Asbury would have us believe. They are the boundary lines for the very space we exist within – and without them, we become amoral and directionless business owners who are susceptible to scandal and distrust and a total lack of integrity.

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