Episode 6: How to pivot successfully when real life stands in the way (with Mari Geasair)



Mari Geasair isn’t a stranger to the hard-times of career success. But when life handed her a career-shattering health diagnosis, she sought out the deeper meaning within that diagnosis and made it her mission. How do you pivot successfully when real-life obstacles make it feel so hard? Mari holds nothing back as she shares a few of her hard-won lessons and shows us how she teaches her clients to shine in high-pressure situations. 


Mari Geasair helps leaders and subject matter experts access their authentic strengths, powerfully tell their stories and shine in high-pressure situations. She is passionate about helping professionals and influencers upgrade their presentation skills, on-video charisma, and in-person influence. Her work is grounded in 25+ years of experience in public speaking, marketing, business strategy, neuropsychology research, and live theatre performance. She is a member of the National Speakers’ Association and the International Coach Federation and is an RLMC certified Vocal Coach and Vocal Recovery Specialist.


  • How to view challenging moments as opportunities to give a gift, and how to reframe nervousness as excitement.
  • The importance of acknowledging and naming what’s happening in the moment, letting go of self-judgment.
  • How Mari helps her clients learn to manage nervous energy
  • Why it’s important to break free from self-imposed limitations in sharing
  • Mari’s entrepreneurial journey from starting a successful pet boarding business at 12 to lessons learned about solving problems and serving others
  • How the micro moments in life can lead to bigger macro moments and stories, revealing who you are as a problem solver and observer
  • Why noticing subtle emotions in others and responding empathetically can create meaningful connections
  • Why we need to embrace pivoting in life as normal 
  • Theater and business coaching journeys intertwined for the speaker, influencing her work today.
  • Authentic storytelling is essential for diverse voices to be heard and change conversations in society
  • Stress reduction techniques to perform your best in high-stress situations


Website: prismimpact.net

Linkedin @mari-geasair