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How do you tell a great brand story? Step one: Start looking deeper than the formulas and frameworks. 

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LISTEN IN ON APPLE | SPOTIFY | AMAZON MUSIC Either/or is a choice for a narrow range of categories, and the rest of life generally fits into the wild, tangly box of both/and. You can chase your theater dreams AND be a story coach. You can keep your foot in the corporate world AND build your consulting business. You can […]

Episode 20: Reach more people with tiny stories (solocast with Lindsay Hotmire)

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LISTEN IN ON APPLE | SPOTIFY | AMAZON MUSIC Eric White is the co founder of Ponder, a customer insight studio that delivers insight experiences to help growth stage companies increase win rates and explore new segments. Eric will tell you that one of his biggest beefs with data is that most market research companies just email you reports and […]

Episode 18: Turning customer insights into stories that grow companies (with Eric White)

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To play on the words of Karl Marx, deconstruction has become the opiate of the marketer.  Or slightly more practical, we marketers have become drunk love with criticism.  And as I dig into WHY that might be, I think it all circles back to Darwin >> We’re all fighting to survive, believing that if we […]

Want to tell great brand stories? Start with the .1%.

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