How to be a brand that leads with purpose (even when the world feels volatile) with Anne Bahr Thompson



Global brand strategist, accomplished researcher and executive board director, Anne is an early champion of the purpose space. For more than 25 years, she’s been observing how social movements and cultural shifts impact people’s relationships with each other, society and brands to connect organizations with people’s values and a social consciousness.


Anne’s groundbreaking research that led to her pioneering Me-to-We continuum of Brand Citizenship® influenced a movement of purpose and profit that continues to inform the decisions of corporate, not-for-profit and academic leaders. She is the author of DO GOOD: Embracing Brand Citizenship to Fuel Both Purpose and Profit, a member of https://www.iaaglobal.org/sustainability, an Ambassador for Meaningful Business, a member of the Council of Aspiration and Inspiration for the Spirit of Humanity Forum, a 2020 Superbrands Branding Leader and a Trust Across America 2018 Top Thought Leader in Trust.

A former executive director of strategy and planning and head of consulting at Interbrand, today Anne advises brands and leaders as they navigate continuously shifting cultural dynamics, turn purpose and sustainability into practice —and take calculated leaps to enhance positive impact and growth. She has spoken at the UN and numerous conferences internationally, been interviewed on podcasts, radio shows and Fox business, and taught marketing at NYU Stern School of Business’s London campus. An active community volunteer who’s served on boards and committees for non-profits in both the US and the UK, Anne is proud to have provided strategic support to numerous non-profit and humanitarian aid organizations.


• Why the conversation around purpose is evolving.
• What makes it so hard to truly be a purpose-driven  brand
• The importance of aligning brand values with employees and customers in order to avoid a disconnect between the brand’s purpose and their perceptions.
• The necessity of engaging in dialogue with various audiences, particularly audiences that stand at the middle ground. How understanding the voices at both extremes and the middle of the spectrum can provide valuable insights and foster genuine connection with the audience.
• Core values should remain consistent, but the approach and methods to implement them can evolve over time, reflecting changing societal needs.
• It is vital for organizations to understand and internalize the essence of their brand and purpose. Being transparent about mistakes, acknowledging them, and finding solutions to fix them is essential in maintaining a trustworthy relationship with the audience.


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