Storyhouse is a podcast that invites you to step out of the noise to think deeply about the things that matter – in life and in business. 

Every episode, I’ll be sharing the thoughts and questions I’m chewing on so that you can join me in the journey.

Together, we can figure out how to find better stories, how to tell better stories, and ultimately, how to live better stories. 


I’m Lindsay, founder of Storyhouse Fifteen

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Tackling the myths we tell ourselves about purpose, finding the “right job,” and meaning at work (with Lisa McLeod)

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The Habits of Storytelling

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How to listen better as a storyteller

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Your WHY is never a waste of space

Ep: 024

How to find your stories (even when you think you don't have any worth sharing)

Ep: 025


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Rewrite your story with this podcast!

"OMG Lindsay and her guests bring the fire ☄️This podcast will inspire, uplift, and challenge you to rewrite all the stories that aren’t serving you from your own identity to your business’ identity. You will be transformed. 🙌🏼"

Kimberly Spencer, Crown Yourself 

Inspired conversations!

"Loved listening to the heartfelt conversation between Lindsay and her guest. Their dialogue helped me gain insight into the world of harmonious biz growth!"

Jenny Belanger, Jenny B Designs

Just had my mind blown by Lindsay Hotmire's latest podcast episode featuring the no-BS genius Kate Toon 😮

"Never have I ever felt so heard, understood, and justified. Kate does an incredible job of pulling the curtain back on so many of the #freelancerlife myths."

Stephanie Trovato, Big H content

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Join us as we explore how to find better stories, tell better stories, and live better stories. 

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